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Product Care, Tips & Tricks

We have designed and built all of our Boxxs to be as tough and durable as possible so they can last a life time. We want you to enjoy using your Boxx and not worry about it getting the odd scratch or scuff. So use it, throw it about, spill a drink in it, let it get dirty - don't worry it can take it. Below are a few tips on keeping your Boxx in tip top condition, along with a few ideas to get the most use from each outing you have:

Spirit Boxx Contents

Loading your Boxx up ready for use

  • Pre chill your cans of drink and spirit in the fridge / freezer. Our super insulating foam inserts will keep everything nice and cool no matter how warm it is outside.
  • Store a couple of lemons or limes inside 2 of the glasses
  • Depending on your choice of spirit there may be space for one or two extra cans of mixer drinks above it. 

Using your Boxx

  • Use the chopping board side of the bamboo tray to cut up your lemon or limes. Be careful though, the folding ceramic knife is extremely sharp!
  • The LED light is controlled via the remote control. The light is located at the bottom of the bottle, so point the remote control towards that direction to use it. Its infrared so needs a rough line of site, but don't worry the glass bottle won't block the signal.
  • The LED light should have enough battery for up to 12 hours of use. To maximise the run time you get out of it, you can lower the brightness using the remote.
  • You can use one remote control to control multiple lights from different boxxs' if you happen to more than one boxx with you.
  • The bamboo tray is designed to sit very snuggly within the main foam body piece. To get the tray in place, we recommend pushing one side in first at an angle and then whilst maintaining pressure on the edge, lower the other side into place.
  • If for any reason you want to fully open the lid of your boxx, you can unclip the hinge strap fasteners which keep the lid in its upright position. Do this by holding the webbing close to the fastener and firmly pulling it. They are easily reattached by pushing them in until they click.

When its time to pack up

Once you've finished using your Boxx and you're ready to head home, give all the glasses, the spirit measure, knife and the chopping board a quick wipe down with the microfibre cloth. This will stop any excess liquids from dripping around everywhere.

Taking care of your Boxx

When you get home give everything you've used a quick rinse. The glasses can be put in the dishwasher, but we recommend that the bamboo chopping board / drinks tray is wiped down with lukewarm water by hand.

If the microfibre cloth needs a wash, this can be done in the washing machine at a max temperature of 40 degrees. Do not iron, bleach or use softeners. Wash with similar colours.

If you won't be using your boxx for a while, remember to take out any lemons or limes stored inside it, and if you have cleaned it, make sure everything has dried out before closing the lid and putting it away. That way it will stay nice and fresh ready for its next use!

Lost or broken components

Accidents happen, we keep a full stock of spare components for each type of boxx. If you need a replacement component or something needs fixing then please do not hesitate to get in touch via email and we will get you sorted as soon as possible.

Changing the batteries in the LED light

If your LED light has stopped working, or the colours have begun to appear differently from what they should then its time to change the batteries.

You will need 3x AAA batteries.

Step 1

Remove the LED light located in the bottle compartment; do this by gently pulling on the small ribbon tag attached to the light which should be sticking out to one side.

Step 2

Unscrew the back of the light and switch the old batteries for the new ones. Then screw the light unit closed.

Step 3

Put the LED light back in. As you do this you want to make sure that you hold the ribbon strap down one side so that it makes it easy to remove the light in the future. You also want to line up the velcro patches and give it a little wriggle to get the velcro to attach.

Cleaning the inside of your Boxx

If you feel its time to give the inside of your Boxx a spring clean, follow the steps for 'If you spill a drink inside it?'. It's best to clean the foam using luke warm water and then pat it dry with a tea towel. The bamboo tray can be wiped down with damp cloth, but should not be put in the dishwasher. 

If you spill a drink inside it?

Have no fear, we've all done it!

We seal all of our Boxxs with a special solution which will help prevent any spillages leaking into the wood. Our foam inserts are waterproof so these won't absorb any liquids either, and we purposely don't glue the main foam body pieces in place so that its easy to clean.

Step 1

Remove all of the items from within the Boxx, ie cans of drink, bottle of spirit, knife, glasses, drinks tray, remote control etc.

Step 2

Remove the LED light located in the bottle compartment; do this by pulling on the small ribbon tag attached to the light which should be sticking out to one side.

Step 3

Undo the lid hinge straps. You want to undo the poppers to the hinge straps which are attached to the main body of the Boxx. Do this by holding the lid slightly closed to create slack in each hinge strap, and then firmly pull the nylon webbing part of each strap closest to the bottom popper. With these poppers undone the lid can now open fully.

Step 4

Remove the main foam body piece, you may need to wriggle it slightly if its a snug fit, and also help guide it past the hinge strap fasteners at the back of the Boxx.

Once its out, you can give this a shake to remove any spilt liquids and then a quick wipe down with the microfibre cloth and it will be fine.

Step 5

Remove the base foam piece. There is a small finger hole located at the front of the Boxx so that you can get in under it to lift it out. 

If there is lots of spilt drink laying on this foam it may be easier to tip the Boxx upside to drain away any excess liquid before removing the foam.

Step 6

Give everything a wipe down with the microfibre cloth thats wet. If you're near a kitchen sink then you can give the foam pieces a quick rinse with water if needs be, or if your out and about then just pat them dry with the cloth and then give them a rinse when you get home if needs be.

Step 7

Once the foam and bottom of the Boxx are dry, you can re assemble everything. Start by putting the foam base piece back in, remembering to have the finger hole along the front edge of the Boxx.

Next put the main foam body piece back in, ensuring you help guide the back of it over the hinge strap fastening points. 

Then put the LED light back in. As you do this you want to make sure that you hold the ribbon strap down one side so that it makes it easy to remove the light in the future. You also want to line up the velcro patches.

Nearly there, now reattach the hinge strap fasteners. Hold the lid in a vertical position so you have a bit of slack in each strap, and then firmly push each popper back into the fastener stud until you feel it click into place. 

Step 8

Lastly you just need to put all your components back into your boxx and you're back in business!

Oiling your Chopping Board / Drinks Tray

Like all wooden chopping boards, after time the wood can dry out and become a bit dull looking. To revitalise your bamboo chopping board / drinks tray, we recommend oiling it with a natural food grade mineral oil once every year or so depending on how much use its had.

Anything else you want to know?

If you need any help or advice then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help!